Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hello the Blog

This is my first blog entry. Great, right? For very few people who could accidentally stop by and read this few lines, I should introduce myself.
My name is Peter, I am from Slovakia (in Central Europe), and now I'm studying at VUT in Brno, Czech Republic (neighbouring country). And of course, it is information technology what I am into. The maker made me a programmer, so let's be it. On high-school I started with Pascal, at university I continued with C and now I am in love with C++ and Qt4. In work I am creating internal web applications written in HTML, PHP and MySQL. Of course I can do some python and bash stuff and yes, I live on Linux OS for some time now. My current distro is Fedora if anyone is concerned.
From user view, I really like simplicity, and I don't need uncountable number of options and things, so for normal work I am using gnome. But for programmer point of view, a really like Qt, so developing for KDE is much better for me. Don't worry, I am not any KDE power developer (yet), I just started not so long ago. The work I did I'll mention in my next posts, because that's the reason of starting this blog. It won't be strictly focused on any concrete topic, maybe later you can find here anything. Yes, maybe, I can't assure you that.
But back to the topic, some more stuff about me right? Besides the thing, that I make some programs, I like watching movies and tv shows (1080p fan), and playing some pc games. I am trying to support Linux gaming, and I can't wait for Linux version of steam of course :-) and yeah, I can spend some time on the internet too, surprise, surprise..
This should be enough for now, just one last thing. Why am I writing in English. Well, mainly it's because I want to improve my skills and this is one of the better ways to do it. Maybe I will write later some posts in my native speech, but I'll try my best in this universal language at first.
In next posts I can write some more spoilers about my person I'm afraid, but reading this blog is at your own risk. May the force be with you.

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